Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, leaving your photos to be one of the most essential and important details of the day. Each wedding, filled with such different people, settings, and emotions possesses its own unique atmosphere. It is my job to transfer all of those special feelings and individual personalities into your photos  so that they will perpetually hold those memories and feelings forever. To successfully do so, it is crucial that you feel comfortable and completely taken care of throughout your entire planning process. I take time to get to know my clients- who they are singularly and who they are as a couple. I am often the one the bride + groom spend the most time with on their big day, so it is so important that we gain each others' trust so we can be relaxed and share funny, happy, and emotional moments together. Trusting your photographer to be efficient, flexible, and a problem solver is just as important as trusting them to take stunning photos. I tackle wedding days with the goal of making my bride + groom feel confident and calm. If my clients feel completely trusting with me, I know I will be able to capture more organic, candid moments and create lasting relationships with awesome people.